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"Anyone with a brain can significantly benefit.  Whether you are a high performer or someone just getting by, the reoccurring training toward states of balance allows exponential improvements."

Each brain is unique.  Very unique.  That's why our team at Park City Neurofeedback provides training with NeurOptimal® so you can be your best in life, in relationships, in business, in sport and play, in creative endeavors, and in reaching your fullest potential.

Why & How Neurofeedback Works?

The NeurOptimal® system at Park City Neurofeedback gathers electrical input from the brain, and the system is able to reflect this information back to the brain much like a mirror reflects your image back to you.  This precise download of information presented to the brain as a "reflection" is achieved by wearing headphones that source music which becomes briefly interrupted when unhealthy electrical activity is detected.  The brain is able to recognize the interruption in the audible recording as very important information because as mammals our main sensory interaction with external reality is through the auditory detection system.  This break in noise signals to the brain to make a valiant attempt to rid the brain of the errant or misguided electrical activity.

The repeated experience happens in millisecond encounters multiple times each second (256x/second to be exact!).  It also happens in multiple parts of the brain.  So, in essence the experience trains the brain by alerting it to pick up unhealthy neural responses.  The brain has an inherent desire to function in perfect form, be more organized, and move away from discomfort - very similar to how you continually move around in a chair when your back is hurting.  To make these auto-corrections in the central nervous system, the brain simply needs to learn what it is doing that is not efficient and/or healthy. 


This sensing of electrical activity and brainwaves, and the necessary reflection back through audible interruptions is only achieveable with the creative training software that is known as NeurOptimal® Dynamic Neurofeedback, developed by Zengar.

Reasons Clients Seek Training

Park City Neurofeedback's Dynamic Neurofeedback System is diagnostically agnostic - meaning no diagnosis is necessary to benefit!  The experiential protocol stays the same regardless of complaints as it is not a treatment for disorders. Some common reasons to seek treatment include:

Stress Management (Anxiety, Depression, PTSD) * Adaptability * Focus * Attention * Memory * Sleep Normalization * Flow State * Emotional Resilience & Psychological Flexibility * Concentration * Understanding * Learning Capacity * Decision Making * Personal Growth * Addiction * Athletic Performance * Spiritual Enrichment * Habits * Lifestyle * Concussion Recovery * Creativity * Performance * Mood * Wellness * Migraine Eradication * Self-Esteem *

Academic Achievement * Relaxation * Confidence * Mental Acuity * And So Much More!

What Does a Session Look Like?

Visit our FAQ page for a detailed explanation of what a NeurOptimal® session looks like.

How Many Sessions Does a Reasonable Person
Need in Order to Out-Perform?

Certainly a client will feel a difference by five sessions and most definitely by ten.  For a better idea of sessions to relieve complaints or invest in your own wellness, please review the In-Depth Survey of Users

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